Hey, 👋 my name is Kris

I am a self-taught developer who got a summer internship as a web developer in 2018. I'm now a web dev freelancer but I also build several small side projects in my free time.

👨‍💻 Back in 2018, I spent 6 months learning how to code and in the summer of that year, I got a summer internship as a web developer.

🚀 Since then, I have been working full-time, as well as doing freelance work and building side projects.

🚢 I built Full Stack Heroes because I know the struggle of starting out on this journey. I wanted to help other self-taught and junior developers become better at coding and progress in their careers.

✍️ I also just like writing articles about career progression, coding and productivity.

🏆 The goal of Full Stack Heroes is to inspire other people who want to become developers without spending 4 years in university or thousands of dollars on bootcamps.

👉 Come say hello on Twitter or Linkedin.