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Latest Fireside Chats

Fireside chat

A self-taught developer who now works as a COO

Andrew Bryant is a self-taught developer who learnt how to code from Udacity nano courses. Even thought he started working as a developer, he is now the COO.

Fireside chat

Interview with Ivan Raszl

Ivan Raszl talks about how he transitioned careers to become a developer by volunteering to build in-house projects within his company.

Fireside chat

This software engineer is building a development YouTube channel in his spare time

Mario Laurich is a software engineer from Germany who is currently building a YouTube channel with free tutorials and courses about front-end development, specialising in Vue.js

Fireside chat

Interview with Matt Swanson

A full-stack developer who also likes to build side projects outside of his full-time job. We also talk about code, stimulusJS and career progression.

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Latest Tutorial Articles


What to do if purgeCSS is purging code inside an ignore block

A simple answer as to why your purgeCSS code is still purging you CSS/Tailwind code even though it is still inside an ignore block


5 ways to remove duplicate objects from an array based on a property

Let's explore different ways to remove duplicate objects from an array based on a single property


Create a simple cookie policy popup

A tutorial teaching you how to create a cookie policy consent popup without using any libraries


How to use Local Storage in Javascript with an example

Web developers can use Local Storage to store data across browser sessions without an expiration date. You can read, write and delete data.

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